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Company story

Similar Souls has the mission to connect like-minded people. We've launched two successful dating apps so far: Veggly and Lefty. Veggly is the global leader in dating for vegans and vegetarians. Lefty is the dating app for progressives, it was launched in 2022 in Brazil and has had a stellar start. In 2024 we are expanding it to the US and UK.

Similar Souls was founded by Alex Felipelli and Samuel Yen in 2020, with the goal of connecting people who share the same values and lifestyle. Thus, the Veggly app was born—a dating app for vegans. Veggly enables individuals with similar ideas, who would otherwise never meet, to get acquainted and establish meaningful relationships. Currently, the app boasts 1.2 million users worldwide.
In 2023, we launched another dating app called Lefty, specifically designed for progressives. Lefty aims to connect people who share progressive political values, because 76% of respondents consider political alignment to be very important in a potential partner. Today, Lefty has 130,000 users seeking meaningful relationships.


Additionally, in 2024, we created our artificial intelligence assistant, vegAssistant. It provides thoughtful answers aligned with vegan principles for any questions you might have .VegAssistant assists you on the journey toward a cruelty-free, healthy, and environmentally conscious lifestyle

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