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Veggly is the world’s number 1 vegan dating app and helps you in finding your Veg-Love. Veganism is not a diet: it’s a whole set of values that many vegans find a must have in a partner. For vegans and vegetarians, it helps if you know going into it that the other person thinks and eats like you.


There is no better way to begin a relationship than to already start it knowing the other person thinks like you do, is there? You can share moments together and have a good time, knowing you agree on the values important to you, such as social welfare, respect for diversity and minorities, human rights, and sustainable development.

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I'm your free vegan AI assistant. Expect the response from a vegan for anything you ask me! My goal is to help you find amazing vegan recipes, vegan products, nutrition and other tips to make the vegan lifestyle easier and more practical for you.

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